Green Eco Living


vibrant, youthful, ecological

We wanted this website to have a vibrant youthful feel, with lots of white space but also strong contrasting colours. This combination will bring the users eyes to all the most important elements. Also of course, the overall theme would be environmental, with lots of wonderful images of out truly beautiful natural world.

“Vibrant, happy, positive – that was the overall feel we were going for.”

The colours were deeply contrasting to attract maximum attention and give that youthful positive vibe.

information is key

As always, with any website, the most important thing is information. In this website we kept the information clearly separated in information boxes, the text is not overly long but put in very easy bite size pieces. This meant that the user would find out all that they wanted to know quickly and attractively.


The font used for the headings was the google font “Cavaet”, this was chosen for a few reasons. Firstly, it is a striking font that is unusual so it would immediately draw the user’s attention, secondly it is a handwritten font, which goes well with the ecological ideals of this business. For the text font we used “Poppins” which is a very clear easy to read font as well as being very modern.

style sheet


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