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The Ultimate List of Best Websites for NFT 2022

NFT best websites – NFT have caused quite a sensation recently, if you want to be treated seriously as an NFT artist or collector a great website is a must. 

If you have an extensive NFT collection, and you want to showcase them on your website, you’ll need to plan well ahead. And you’ll need to have some experienced website creators if you don’t want your collection to look unprofessional.

If you’re looking to build a serious online community for your non-fungible token (NFT) collection, you need a strong, reliable website. Whether you want to set up your very own virtual museum, keep track of all your NFTs, sell them, trade them, or even just share your collection with others, these websites are designed to handle it all.

the best NFT website templates currently on the market

A template is a very good idea to start your NFT website.

There are many reasons for this but here is a few of them:

The best NFT website templates for 2022

Here is a collection of our current favourites for making the Best NFT websites in 2022 

1. Astronefty

Astronefty is definitely a website that will make your NFTs stand out. There is nothing subtle about this website that is ideal for NFT.

It is a very modern and dynamic design that will automatically capture the visitor’s attention.

It also uses great contrasting colours and animations to keep the user interested.

2. Reeze

Reeze is another very cool website for NFT. It has a dark theme and fewer animations than Astronefty but it all works together very well and it is all very nicely designed. It also has that trademark look that most NFT websites have – an edgy non-conformist look.

3. monteno

Monteno is one of the best websites so far, that’s what I think. The colours compliment each other very well, the whole website goes together very well. The background images are very professional, and the animations are not overwhelming.

4. devatta

The Devatta is an NFT website that is very well made. The colour and gradient use is excellent. Animations are spot on and it is not “too-in-your-face”. A very professional looking website for people that want to be seen as serious contenders in the NFT marketplace.

5. Enefte

The Enefte is an awesome NFT website. I am a big fan of this one. It all goes together so well. If your NFTs are more of the normal-looking type, then this could be perfect for you. Remember everything can be changed.

6. Monztera

The Monztera is a lovely, very clean website design, not as lively as the other examples but overloading your website with animations and effects is not always the best choice. Always go with what website you think will go best with your NFT collection.

7. Cartera

Cartera is more of a portfolio website. So if you are an NFT creator who is possible looking to outsource their talent, this could be the ideal website for you. Again the design is very well made and will show your NFT art to its fullest potential.

8. Potufolio

Potufolio is more of a portfolio website. So if you are an NFT creator who is possible looking to outsource their talent, this could be the ideal website for you. Again the design is very well made and will show your NFT art to its fullest potential. This is a more ordinary design which can be good as you would show yourself as a serious professional.

9. SuperNFT

The SuperNFT is a much more minimalistic NFT website than most of the others. This can be a great way to showcase your NFTs as they will stand out more. The overall design is very classy so it will re-affirm your authority as a serious NFT artist.

10. Cybox

Love it, really cool future world vibes coming from this website. Really nicely made. Very futuristic and the whole design looks brilliantly coordinated. Smashing. Cybox has it all.

How to choose the right NFT website for you? - nft best websites

Of course, you should always choose the design that you like best and feel that the design will compliment your NFTs in the best way.

But also think about your target customer, how would they like the design? At the end of the day, a website is built with the user in mind so try and figure out what your “perfect customer” would like to see.

I don´t see anything I like

That´s OK, there are other designs that we can show you at Muzz Web Design. This was only a limited list of what we thought looked the most attractive, there are other choices available.

I like what I see what do I do know?

Get in touch with us and we can get started on building your dream NFT website. 

We will be able to assist you in every aspect of website creation. You do not need any technical knowledge, leave that to us.

conclusion - nft best websites

NFT is a new and exciting entry into the digital asset world. You must have heard of all those amazing stories of people achieving incredible results with NFTs.

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