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best travel blog templates wordpress

best travel blog templates for wordpress

Travel blogging has become very popular in recent years. If you want to start a travel blog and get ahead of the competition have a look at the best travel blog templates for WordPress that are currently available.

A stunningly designed travel blog website will really make a great impact to your readers. And if you have had a look at other travel websites, I think that you would agree when I say that they are badly designed and in general unattractive. So automatically get ahead of the competition with a super design that will stand out from the rest.

best travel blog templates for wordpress

A template is a very good idea to start your travel blog website.

There are many reasons for this but here is a few of them:

best travel blog templates for wordpress in the market right now

Here is a collection of our current favourites for making the best travel blog websites in 2022 

1. vagabonds

An absolutely stunning travel blog template for WordPress. Cool sophisticated. Great use of colours. What is not to love. This template will make your travel blog look absolutely brilliant – Vagabonds.

2. walk & Away

Wonderfully designed, with some very cool features and animations. Really keep the reader engaged and wanting to explore the travel blog website. A genuinely great template to set your travel blog website with – Walk & Away.

3. la vi

A very cool modern design – very minimalistic but really creates a great impression. This blog can also accommodate not just travel but a whole lifestyle blog. Make a very stylish modern impact with this travel website template for WordPress – La Vi.

4. travel kit

Wonderful design – It really shows how creative you can be with a blog. A blog is not just for content but to entice the user to explore further and this travel blog template for WordPress just does that – Travel Kit.

5. walk on

Fantastically designed – makes you really want to start travelling and seeing the world. Cool, and sophisticated, this travel blog template for WordPress will most definitely keep your readers coming back for more! – Walk On.

6. Trawell

A more traditional travel blog template but still has plenty of appeals as it includes very nice design touches that really enhances the whole experience.  It is also very well laid out so very easy to navigate. Overall a very solid travel blog template for WordPress – Trawell.

How to choose the right best travel blog templates wordpress for you?

Of course, you should always choose the design that you like best and feel that the design will compliment your Travel blog style in the best way.

But also think about your target customer, how would they like the design? At the end of the day, a website is built with the user in mind so try and figure out what your “perfect customer” would like to see.

I don´t see anything I like

That´s OK, there are other designs that we can show you at Muzz Web Design. This was only a limited list of what we thought looked the most attractive, there are other choices available.

I like what I see what do I do know?

Get in touch with us and we can get started on building your dream travel blog website. 

We will be able to assist you in every aspect of website creation. You do not need any technical knowledge, leave that to us.

conclusion - best travel blog website

The best travel blogs are those that have a consistent voice and voice that you can easily identify as their own. They don’t just write about travel, but they speak about it. Their personality comes through in every article. Also, your website should stand out from the rest to make it a very appealing place to visit so make sure that your website looks great!

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