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The Objective

Here at Muzz Web Design we believe that for quite some time website design in general has stagnated. In the sense that pretty much every website made today follows certain rules and design queues. This can be seen as good and bad. The good is that it is a time-tested formula which has been shown to work and be effective for both the user and the designer. The bad is that very few websites truly stand out. 

From the view of a customer if a website does not stand out or offer something original there is little incentive for them to continue exploring your site unless of course there is a specific reason for them to be there e.g., looking for products or finding information. As soon as that is obtained, they will leave.

what we think

That is all fine and well, but it goes against one of the most fundamental laws of selling – the longer a customer is in your store the higher the chance he will purchase something.

So, what we believe at Muzz Web Design is that the website itself should be an attraction to the customer, it should entertain, cause interest and be remembered by the customer.

How to achieve this? We believe the answer is by offering an unusual but pleasant website experience. Ultimately, we want the customer to remember YOUR site.

The website you are about to see offers several unique features and some people will say it looks messy and not well put together, but this is a concept, this is a series of ideas that could potentially be added to your website. It does not mean your website will look like this it means your website will be a combination of the tried and tested with some original items added to enhance the customer’s experience.


My previous works

Rosewood wellbeing

Muzz web design


My previous works

Rosewood Wellbeing

Muzz Web Design

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Turn the internet into a conversation.

Turn the internet into a conversation.

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