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Designing a web site. There are five basic principles of web design. Each one of these principles helps to ensure a website performs correctly. Therefore, make sure that one principle doesn’t let down the entire website. Here are the five elements to web design:


There’s no denying that ‘content is king’. It plays a massive role in SEO and it’s one of the main reasons people visit your website. You need to focus a great deal of effort on creating first-class content for your website. This should include videos, news/information, and high-resolution images to make your website stickier. This will ensure you keep your visitors on your website for longer.


Good usability is never noticeable to the end-user, but bad usability stands out immediately. Your website must be easily navigable, intuitive, accessible and mobile-friendly. The user should be able to find anything they need on the website with little thought. They should be able to access any page they want with little effort. They should also be able to find anything they’re looking for on the site quickly and without having to search the entire site. Your site should try to anticipate what your visitors are thinking. Help them fulfill their needs with as little effort as possible.

designing a web site - Aesthetics

In today’s competitive market, having a visually impressive website across all devices is crucial. You must also maintain your brand image. Your website must reflect who you are as a business and visually connect with the audience. The visual appeal of your website not only contributes to your brand awareness but also increases your credibility.


It doesn’t matter how aesthetically pleasing and user-friendly your website is if people aren’t going to find it. Without the help of SEO, social media, email marketing and other digital marketing campaigns, your website will be invisible and unsuccessful.

Getting found by users is incredibly important. Thousands of factors have an impact on where you appear within the search engines, so make sure you have a plan in place!

If you want to increase your website traffic, you should have a blog. If you don’t have a blog, you should consider creating a new blog.

designing a web site - Interaction

You must have a website that engages with your audience. Holds their attention, directs them through the various stages of your website and finally encourages them to contact you.

You can not do this with a boring, static website. Your website must be dynamic and provide a user experience that is tailored to your audience and their buying habits.

Ensure your website engages with your visitors in the correct way. It is there to help you generate leads, increase sales and grow your business, so it isn’t just there for show.

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