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a calm and soothing atmosphere

The client who has run this business from home came to us because her previous website was very out of date and was not professionally done. She wanted a major make over, a completely new site that would reflect her values and what she can offer to her customers.

“The overall theme for the website was for a feeling of relaxation and calm, warm colours and a relaxing atmosphere”

The colours were chosen to complement each other in a natural progression. The purpose of this palette was to give an impression of warmth, security, and optimism.


The font used for the headings was the google font “Satisfy”, this was chosen for a few reasons. Firstly, it is a striking font that is unusual so it would immediately draw the user’s attention, secondly it is an unusual font which would complement her business well as her business is non-traditional in the sense that it is using alternatives to medicine to cure ailments and lastly it is again a warm and informal font.

information is key

As always, with any website, the most important thing is information. The website is a very useful website full of information concerning what the business offers to its clients, in fact the information is so plentiful that it was quite a challenge to present it all and still not seen as overwhelming. This is especially true as most people use mobile phones nowadays to view websites (almost 80% of viewers in fact) so it was a design challenge to keep the user from being overwhelmed. This was achieved by a series of dropdowns and popups so that the information was presented in bite sized pieces that the viewer wanted to see. This website has an average duration visit of nearly 3 minutes which by today’s standards is incredibly high and shows the keen interest the viewer has on entering the website. 

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