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Seraphinite Accelerator

Speed Optimise Your WordPress website with the Impressive Seraphinite Accelerator Plugin

There are many plugins and extensions available for WordPress. However, not all of them are created equal. The Seraphinite Accelerator is the best way to speed up your website with a focus on SEO, speed and mobile usability. As you may know already, website speed is a big factor in SEO. Over the years Google has been pushing and pushing for faster load times in order to give a better experience to the end-user. So if your website loads up fast, it is seen as a big plus to your SEO.

When it comes to speeding up your site, it is critical that you use the right plugins to make the most out of your hosting service. One of the most important WordPress plugins available is the ‘Seraphinite Accelerator’ plugin.

Seraphinite Accelerator is a plugin that helps you speed up WordPress. With it, you can make the most of your hosting and your visitors’ time. It’s easy to install, and you can get started right away.

Seraphinite Accelerator

This plugin is a relatively new plugin that is available for free or there is a paid version for it as well. However, there is something special about this plugin – it is simply the best performance plugin for WordPress. I have tried many, many performance plugins and this kills them all.

seraphinite accelerator

Installation of the Plugin

Installation is super simple, it is available in the plugin library in the WordPress Plugin Library. Just install it and then activate it.

Seraphinite Accelerator

Managing the Plugin

You will see the Plugin Seraphinite Accelerator on the side menu of your WordPress. The first thing you want to do is go to Settings.

However, this is a bit strange but once you have activated it, it will say that there is a more up to date version. So click on the download button and then go to add a new plugin and import the zip file that you have just downloaded.

Seraphinite Accelerator

Setting up the Plugin

Press the “Begin setup wizard” button and it will take you through a very easy to understand series of questions. No technical knowledge is required. however, one thing to note, is if you have performance plugins already installed, make sure to deactivate them so they do not conflict with Seraphinite Accelerator. Once you have finished the set-up process. Go to the Manager Tab and you should see that it is in the process of optimising your pages.

This may well take several minutes depending on how many pages your website has… If you are not seeing anything, then press the Revalidate button.

Seraphinite Accelerator

The Results.

Well as you can see from above my speed score on google page speed insight went from 37 to 100 on mobile view. Amazing isn’t it? granted the 37 score was with no optimisation plugins but I have tried many others and the highest I ever got was mid-50´s. So for me, this plugin is a miracle.

Conclusion - Seraphinite Accelerator

This plugin is amazing, it is the best performance plugin by far for WordPress. Give it a try, I guarantee that you will be very pleasantly surprised by the results!

update - 4/2/2022

Some of you may have an issue when using this Plugin, especially on mobile view. If you have animated text on the top of your homepage, it will take a long time to render or appear. I have found a fix for this. 

Go to Settings on the Seraphinite Accelerator, and click on Scripts and Styles as shown in the image above. What you want to change is the Defer non-critical with — seconds timeout. 

I think the standard setting is 4.5 seconds, change it to 0.5 seconds. This should fix this issue. Remember to save your changes! 

Also once this is done it has to re-optimise all your pages again so that will take a while (go to Manager to see the progress).

The only downside to this is that you will see a decrease in performance on the Google Speed test. However, on my website, the performance is still better than any other plugin. I am still getting around 80 for mobile.

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