the midnight cinema


a cool sophiticated look full of action

The client wanted a website that would immediately catch the eye. Full of action and with the use of sophisticated animations and features, this website will not likely be forgotten.

“The overall theme for the website was for a feeling of excitement, expectations and thrills to come”

The colours were chosen to make the website immediately stand out. A dark theme with exceptionally contrasting text colours that would make the text really stand out.


The font used for the headings was the google font “Saira Condensed”, this was used because it is a very modern font but at the same time it is very easy to read. For the normal text “Roboto” was used, this again has the same qualities as Saira condensed, being both modern and easy to read.

information is key

If you visit the website you will see that this website is a very visual website. This is hardly surprising as it is a website dedicated to films. However, there is still plenty of information available so that the potential user would have all the necessary details that he could with for.

mailerlite logo

style sheet


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