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how web design helps business

how great web design helps your business

how web design helps business

If you’re creating a website, you might be wondering why web design is so important. It’s not only good to make sure that the information you want your customers to see is in an organized and user-friendly format, but also that your site is optimized to be both attractive and easy to use.

To design and develop a successful website requires a holistic approach. The whole process is as much about planning as it is about implementation. How do you know if you’re following best practices for each aspect? 

It’s one of the most critical factors contributing to whether the user has a good or poor experience while browsing your site, directly influencing the overall impression of your brand.

We’re going to go back and talk about what a well-designed website can do for your business. Web design is much more than a way to look pretty. It’s also a great way to bring in business and retain your existing customers.

Why is Web Design So Important? - how web design helps business

Web design is more than a simple way to put a pretty face on your business – it’s a major part of your business’s branding. According to the most recent statistics, more than half of your customers are looking for brands on the internet. A good website design and brand identity can help your company attract, convert and retain more customers than you may have thought possible.

Website design is something that many of us may assume is easily accomplished. In fact, we’re so used to seeing the results of good website designs that we’ve taken the process for granted. Most likely you have visited websites of big brands that have spent a lot of money on their web design. However, I am sure you have also visited plenty of badly designed websites (usually those of smaller companies). While the basics of website design can be difficult, a bit of practice and research will get you on the right track.

Importance of a Good Website for a Business

Having a sleek, beautiful, and easy-to-navigate website doesn’t just look good. It can also improve the quality of your business, the effectiveness of your website, and the performance of your site.

Key Benefits of Having a Great Website Design

What Makes a Good Website? - how web design helps business

The results of a website are reflected in leads, sales, or page views. Getting the web design right will help you get these goals. Here are some important web design principles.

UI/UX and Website Layout Design

Web page design and layout must not only look good, but it must also help the user achieve their objective. More than 80% of businesses today are saying poor website user experience (UX) is a weakness for their clients.

You should always design with the users in mind. 

The main focus of any website should be the ease with which users are able to get the information they want. Users will not continue visiting your site if they find it hard to navigate or do not find the information they need easily.

People are getting a little bit impatient these days. Make sure that your marketing message is always right where people are looking for it. Use a design that will make it hard to miss.

Responsive Mobile Website Design

Smartphones can be powerful tools, but they are limited in their ability to render text. One of the big reasons why they are limited in this way is that it takes time to download and process all the content. It can be difficult to quickly view information on a screen, so the way forward is to consider what is possible with a mobile-friendly design.

It’s estimated that 85% of adults believe that a website must look just as good on their mobile as it does on their desktop. Does that mean that the web design you create for your site has to look different on mobile? The short answer is no!

Your website must be mobile responsive so that it works well on a smartphone, tablet or other mobile devices. If your site isn’t mobile responsive it will be difficult to read, navigate, and use on a smartphone.

With such growth of mobile usage, a responsive web design has become a key factor in how your website will perform. There are even now many web designers who go with a “mobile first” when they are designing their websites. They consider the mobile design more important than how the website will look on a PC or laptop.

Quality Content: Copy, Imagery and Videos

It’s important to not go overboard when it comes to website imagery. The size of an image is important but not at the expense of speed. A lot of time and research goes into picking a perfect size for your images that work well for the majority of visitors to your site.

Videos are extremely powerful on their own but are even more powerful when combined with text, as the two can play off of each other and create an emotional connection to your product. Customers are far more likely to spend time and money with a company that has both image and text in its site.

The text on your website is your first impression, and whether you like it or not, you’re the one who decides if your visitors like what they see or not. Poorly written, a jargon-littered copy will not impress your customers. Make copy part of the design, with snappy headlines, subheadlines, and short paragraphs that are straight to the point.

A little bit of thought before writing will make your content far more interesting and accessible to your readers.

Call to Actions - how web design helps business

You don’t have to do it alone! People will visit your site and not make a purchase even though they like what they see. It is up to you to make them buy. 

CTAs or calls to action are the things you want users to click on or do when they’re on your site. It’s basically an instruction manual to tell them what to do. A well-designed website should encourage the users to explore the website more fully. The longer a user stays on your website the higher the chance of converting that user into a customer.

Credibility like Social Proof

It’s pretty much a fact that there is way too much fake news and low-quality brands out there. Even so, it can be a struggle to find the cream of the crop among the vast sea of information. With your own brand and a product, it’s imperative that you’re able to put your best foot forward from the start. To do this, you must offer authentic proof that you are a reputable company and your product is of high quality.

Use Case studies, testimonials as much as you can to solidify your credibility in the user’s eye.

Brand Identity and Consistency

Brand guidelines can be an extremely helpful tool for brands with limited branding experience, as they can help clarify how your brand’s visual elements should look.

Consistent branding is important for your business – both online and offline. It makes your company easy to find, and easy to recognise. It gives you the chance to create an image for your business that can be used in all the channels you may have available.

Make sure your brand guide and website are up to date and make sure the rest of your site reflects your brand guidelines and messaging. You’ll be better positioned for organic search, more traffic and a stronger online presence in general.

Conclusion - how web design helps business

Web design is an integral part of a successful website. While there are a number of web designers out there, it is still important to use the right person. A good web designer will understand your needs and can help you build a site that is unique, attractive, and effective.

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