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10 Powerful Real Estate SEO Tips You Can Use Today

Power up your real estate business with these best real estate SEO tips!

If you’re looking to make the most of your real estate site. Here are some great real estate SEO tips that can help.

How To Be a Great Real Estate Agent

You’re not a good real estate agent because you’re “good” at being a real estate agent. You’re a great real estate agent because you can effectively use the tools of online search optimization to maximize the effectiveness of your business. The real estate industry is heavily dependent on internet searches to connect buyers and sellers. If you’re in the business of helping people buy and sell real estate. You should be paying attention to the latest real estate SEO trends.

SEO is a crucial component to building the traffic and credibility of a website. This article provides you with the latest and best SEO tips.

What is SEO? - best real estate seo tips

The word “SEO” itself means search engine optimization. That’s exactly what the practice is—the art of optimizing your website to appear at the top of Google. It’s much more than simply having the right keywords and links. It’s an entire strategy that begins with identifying which pages of your site will be most useful to customers. And because Google rewards those that are well-optimized with higher rankings, it’s a big deal.

Start learning about SEO - best real estate seo tips

Unless you have at least a basic understanding of what SEO is and what potential it has. You will not get to realise what a powerful tool SEO can be. Once you have researched it. I can guarantee you will see the immense benefits that SEO can bring to your Real Estate business.

On this website, we have several articles on SEO. I recommend you read some of them like:

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If you’re new to SEO, you’ll want to focus on learning how search engines work. This will give you the foundation that makes SEO work for you. You can start by learning some of the basics: keywords, page titles, meta descriptions, image alt tags, etc. There are plenty of great articles on Search Engine Land, which you should read!

best real estate seo tips

Get a Professional SEO expert - best real estate seo tips

Whilst in theory SEO may not sound so complicated for some and maybe in the past, it wasn’t. Search engines today are very sophisticated and the competition is huge. Google uses 200 factors to assess the quality of a website page. So to get the full benefit of SEO you need someone who is an expert doing it.

Also, I expect that you will be far too busy running your own business to have much time to do SEO. You should concentrate on what you are good at and leave SEO to people who are good at that.

When it comes to getting the most out of your website. Having an SEO expert working with you is a must. While this may seem like a luxury, in reality, hiring a professional can be beneficial in many ways. An SEO expert will not only ensure that you are following all of the best practices. But he or she will also provide you with several other services such as link building and keyword analysis.

real estate seo

Get to know your audience

This sounds like a silly question right? You know your customers – they want to buy a property, simple as that.


Yes, they do want to buy a property but they also want much more than that.

Buying a property is a big investment. So you need to give them as many assurances and information as you can. You want to build trust with them.

So give peripheral information about properties:

For example:

Write about the main residential areas, their benefits and features.

Let them know about the best schools in the area.

What is there to do in the areas where your properties are.

Describe the life that they will come to expect if they decide to buy a home in the area.

etc etc

All this adds value to your customer and therefore to you. You will gain their trust and they will see you as above your competition

Getting to know your audience is important in any type of marketing. You can’t build a business that targets everyone if you don’t get to know who you’re trying to sell to. It’s also important to understand the psychology of your target market. People have different motivations for buying. Some will buy to make a statement about how they want to be perceived by other people. Some will buy because it’s a luxury item that they can’t afford. Some will buy because they think they should. Understanding the psychology of your target market will help you craft messages that are relevant and that resonate with your audience.

real estate seo

Optimise your Google My Business

Google my business is super important for SEO. Getting this optimised is very easy to do and can have a really big impact on your business. For a more detailed explanation read this.

Keep your Google My business updated – ask your customer for reviews, add photos, add blog posts.

This will help you get to the top spot of the local search results which will be a huge bonus.

It amazes me how many businesses tend to just forget about Google My business. It is one of the most important marketing assets that you have!

Start blogging

A great strategy to implement is a blog. The benefits are clear. A blog allows you to write and create content regularly, and it’s a good way to establish yourself as a leader in your field. You can then use this content to establish yourself as a reputable source of information on the web.

Remember the part about getting to know your audience? Well here is a place where you can start giving the information to your audience.

Of course, content should be based on keywords and if you have studied a bit about SEO then you should know what that is.

It amazes me how few real estate agents have a blog. A blog is pure gold when it comes to SEO and every website should have one.

Track Your Performance

Your website should have Google Analytics and Google Search Console already installed in it and connected. Start learning how to use it. It gives you a huge amount of information. The people that are coming to your website and what they are doing on your website as well as where they came from.

This is invaluable information as it will also provide answers to who is your audience.

It will also come in very useful once you start using SEO. You will be able to see the effect it has on your website’s performance.

Use social media

If there is one place where the majority of real estate agents excel at is social media. This makes sense as social media likes lots of images and people always like to look at beautiful homes whether they are thinking of buying a home or not.

So most Real Estate Agents get a very good response rate from their social media posts. But here is the real question – do they convert?

This is the key difference between SEO and social media – SEO is geared specifically to your target audience i.e. people who are looking to buy a home. Social media is for everyone.

So if a person finds you through SEO, there is a 99% chance that they are looking to buy a home. If a person finds you on social media there is perhaps a 0,01% chance that they are looking for a home.

Big difference!

Identify Your Keywords

Keywords are the first step towards SEO.

So once you have learnt the basics about SEO, the next step is to find the right keywords that you will be targeting. 

Keyword research is the starting point in online marketing. This first step allows you to determine which words and phrases best describe your website. Its target audience, and the type of content you wish to produce. Once you’ve decided on the keywords you’ll want to target, it’s time to get more specific. The second step of keyword research is to narrow down your search based on where you intend to rank in the search engine results pages.

By this stage, I hope you are seriously considering hiring an SEO expert. They will be able to assist you with finding the right keywords for your business. They have access to software that will identify the best keywords to target for your real estate business.


SEO can lead to incredible results, however, you have to understand that this is a long term strategy that will deliver results in the long term.

Also, SEO is complicated and has many factors. Therefore you should seriously consider hiring an SEO expert to do this for you.

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